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Welcome to Github Pages of gusagi.
Here is the page for publishing things that are not in version control Github in products and scripts gusagi developed.

Please visit the Github repository of the product of ongoing development.
In addition, please visit here if you want to see the blog.

Products being published

The following is the result of the currently public.
You do not have to ask them to use freely, but would not be waived copyright.
Also, please use at your own risk because it is no warranty.

CakePHP Installer

Use standard
$ curl -s | sh
If you do not use the option, CakePHP will be installed in the current directory.

When using option
$ curl -s | sh -s [CakePHP install path] [app dirname]
If you use the option, you can specify the name "app" directory and the path in which to install CakePHP.

Unmaintained products

The following products are not maintenance currently.
Similar to the product being published, it is OK to ask them to use freely, but at your own responsibility to use because it is no warranty.

for XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1